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Can you conquer the
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Control your snake to conquer new areas, close an area, fill the blocks with your color and try to own the biggest territory on the map! You start the game with a small base and expand your land by coloring the cells captured.

In landix io game, all have equal chance to win! Even you have a tiny base, you can slither onto the other snakes’ dots to kill them. The size of your area does not matter.


Enjoy the dynamic gameplay and competitive spirit speed feature image

No Lag

Works on many devices without performance issues smooth control feature image

Smooth control on mobile devices

Just swipe or use joystick to change your direction compete feature image


Try to beat your highest score based on blocks owned

1 000 000+

Downloads since September 1, 2016

Customizable Skins

We've added a collection of flags and items that you can mix and match to make a unique-looking skins! Thug Life Skin Image Crown Skin Image Thug Life Skin Image

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Now there are 19044 cells to conquer. Are you ready to improve your high score? #landixio

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Super #landixio #1

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